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SAIC MG HS Auto Parts Air conditioning filter element COOL SYSTEM supplier 10354972 CHINA PARTS

Short Description:

Org of place:                MADE IN CHINA

Brand :                             CSSOT /RMOEM/ORG/COPY

Lead time :                      Stock,if less 20 PCS,normal one month

Payment :                        TT Deposit

Company Brand :           CSSOT

Application system :      COOL system







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Products name Air conditioning filter element
Products application SAIC MG HS
Products OEM NO 10354972
Org of place MADE IN CHINA
Lead time Stock,if less 20 PCS,normal one month
Payment TT Deposit
Company Brand CSSOT
Application system COOL SYSTEM

Products knowledge

Is the air conditioning filter divided into front and back?
The air conditioning filter element has a letter or arrow mark (arrow or letter UP) on the front and back of the air conditioning filter element:

1, filter the air from the outside into the interior of the car to improve the cleanliness of the air, the general filter substances refer to the impurities contained in the air, small particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust, etc. The effect of air conditioning filter is to prevent such substances from entering the air conditioning system to destroy the air conditioning system, and give the car passengers a good air environment. Protect the health of the people in the car, and prevent glass atomization;

2, the air conditioning gear has been opened to the large enough, but the cooling or heating of the air output is very small, if the air conditioning system may be normal reasons for the use of air conditioning filter ventilation effect is poor, or air conditioning filter use time is too long, for timely replacement;

3, air conditioning work blowing out of the air smell, the reason may be that the air conditioning system has not been used for a long time, the internal system and air conditioning filter caused by moisture and mold, it is recommended to clean the air conditioning system to replace the air conditioning filter.



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