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1. What’s the Warranty & After-sales ?

For OEM/ORG products for auto parts ,we can supply you one year warranty ,you can rest assure to buy and sell it in your place !

For Genuine/Brand(copy)  products for auto parts,we can supply you half one year warranty,its cheap and easy accepted by some company,and its quality you can choose different type ,it can last long time to use it ,so rest assure to buy and sell it in your country!

2. Why Choose CSSOT ?

CSSOT; ZHUO MENG (SHANGHAI) AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD. What can we do for you ? one company who work with factory directly, one hand price from ORG /BRAND factory who can give us cheap price, so you can buy from us and take all spare parts for SAIC MG& MAXUS auto parts, one company who have many stock for all parts stock and easy took some not stock from our factory. no mater you want OEM or BRAND, we all can supply you, you can choose different price and quality from our company.

3. Is it acceptable for online order ? what payment terms do you prefer ?

Yes,we accept it ,you can choose from ALIBABA online trade assure order and ALIBABA will protect our trades

TT more prefer ,its easy to do and you can rate us Deposit,after all satisfied.

4. What’s your MOQ? Do you accept retails ?

We do not have MOQ, but we suggest you buy more parts, because if you buy less, but freight is much, will not accept from you, if freight higher then products cost.we prefer wholesales, government items, trade company from china and abroad can work with us and we will service you till you satisfied.

5. Do your products support customization? Can I put my logo on the product? What is the packaging of the product ?

Yes, we accept customization, if you want products inside and outside box with your logo, we can help you all, and be your brand can sell in your place

Packaging for OEM products, we use ORG Factory box, normal Neutral packing, some products maybe with” SAIC MOTOR “and OEM no on products, some OEM products not have, but its ORG products not all have this marks.

6. What certificate does the product have ?

Different countries need different certificates, we can do as your need so no need worry it !

7. What information do I need to provide for a quotation? Do you have a product quotation form ?

First, you need give me OEM number or picture if you can find from your broken parts or local market

Second, if products no this number, you can take picture for what you need, car model, Displacement, AT OR MT? NATIONAL V OR VI, left or right drive ?

Third, if you need list for some cars, you can give us above information, so that we can find correct parts you may need.

8. How long is the lead time generally ?

First, if we have stock , we can send you right away.

Second, if you need more, some not have stock, and it depend on your products if common, if you urgent some parts, we can help you quickly get what you want.