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SAIC MAXUS G10 Steering Reservoir Assembly C00027372

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Products Application: SAIC MAXUS

Products OEM NO: C00027372



Lead Time: Stock, if less 20 PCS, normal one month

Payment: TT Deposit

Company Brand: CSSOT

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Products Name Water Tank
Products Application SAIC MAXUS
Products OEM NO C00027372
Lead Time Stock,if less 20 PCS,normal one month
Payment TT Deposit
Company Brand CSSOT
Application System Chassis system 

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Automobile water tank, also known as radiator, is the main part of automobile cooling system; Its function is to dissipate heat. The cooling water absorbs heat in the water jacket, dissipates the heat after flowing to the radiator, and then returns to the water jacket for continuous circulation. So as to achieve the effect of heat dissipation and temperature regulation. It is also an important part of automobile engine.


The function of the cooling system is to dissipate the excess and useless heat from the engine, so that the engine can operate at normal temperature at various speeds or driving conditions.

The water tank is the heat exchanger of the water-cooled engine, which maintains the normal working temperature of the engine by means of air convection cooling. Once the engine cooling water in the water tank boils and vaporizes and expands due to high temperature, and the pressure exceeds the set value, the water tank cover (a) overflows to relieve the pressure, resulting in the reduction of cooling water and preventing the bursting of the cooling system pipeline. During normal driving, pay attention to whether the pointer of the engine cooling water thermometer on the instrument panel is normal. In addition, if the engine cooling fan fails and the engine cooling water temperature rises or the cooling system pipeline leaks, the cooling water may also be reduced. Please pay attention to whether the amount and cycle of cooling water reduction are normal before adding distilled water.

Folding requires equipment

§ antifreeze (1-2 gallons or 4-8 liters)

§ distilled water (1-2 gallons or 4-8 liters) (water must be distilled)

§ a water pan or bucket

§ one garden hose with nozzle

§ a pair of work gloves (waterproof if possible)

§ a soft bristled nylon brush

§ a bucket of soapy water

§ tight disposal container (antifreeze is toxic and should be stored and disposed of carefully)

§ one set of wrench and screwdriver (optional)

§ safety goggles

§ rags

Fold and edit the cleaning water tank in this section

Rust and sludge that do not form in your engine - will also damage your cooling system. This is why flushing your water tank frequently is another important element of vehicle maintenance - which is often ignored by many personally involved car owners. Your vehicle's cooling system protects itself from high heat damage from the engine and keeps the engine running within an appropriate temperature range. Keeping the cooling system free from corrosion, accumulation and pollution will keep it and the engine in good working condition. Fortunately, you don't need to flush your water tank as often as changing oil (every 2 years should be enough), and it's very easy to implement. Please follow the expert step-by-step instructions!

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