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2021 Spring Festival Annual Meeting

-Turn things around, merge and change

Leader's message: The beginning of the New Year is another good start. Zhuo Meng Company & Rongming Company jointly organized the 2021 Spring Festival Annual Meeting with the theme of "turning things around and integrating change", and invited fellow guests and friends and relatives from Shanghai to participate in the experience of Zhuo Meng Company & Rongming Company in 2020 Years of growth.

We will still adhere to the corporate philosophy of "cooperation, integrity, service, openness, and teamwork". We will not forget our original intentions, review the present, plan for the future, and practice it well.


Outstanding employee winner

In the Zhuomeng big family, there are selfless dedicated functional colleagues, quietly working packaging experts, innovative sales talents, and conscientious reconciliation pioneers. They have no rhetoric, they have no great achievements, but they have used their actions to tell us what the spirit of ownership is; they use examples to shine as an ordinary screw; they work hard, work hard, regardless of gains and losses, and they have confirmed it with actual actions. The truth that gold shines everywhere.

Because of them, Zhuo Meng will move towards a larger market.

Sales Champion-Wang Ruiguang

As the saying goes, no matter how broad your heart is, the market will be bigger. In the face of increasingly fierce competition, he rises up to difficulties, strives for the upper reaches, actively explores channels, and enhances the company’s popularity and reputation. Sales performance has become a model for all employees, and it is well-deserved Sales champion.

Sales are all talking with data, and honor is earned by both hands and hard work, serving customers well, accomplishing performance, achieving goals, and realizing oneself, so as to bring more benefits and create greater value.


Outstanding Management Winner

They are the mainstay of the enterprise and the waist of the enterprise. They play the role of communication and decentralization, and they are a very important role in the company's organization.

The winners are the directors from all departments of Zhuomeng. Each of them puts their responsibilities into their own posts, loves their jobs, and leads the department staff to complete all the work outstandingly and achieve the set goals on time. They are indispensable for the company. Blood.

Best devotee

These people stay in their posts all the year round, in obscurity, just to bring a better environment to all of us. Dedication is easier said than done, and every seemingly ordinary day in life is theirs. Poured by hard sweat.

Because of them, Zhuo Meng will be better.

Excellent team-Rmoem spare parts

This is a high-spirited and energetic young team. They are experienced, pursuing excellence, loyal to their duties, forging ahead, relying on collective strength, with hard work and sweat, they have cultivated a new fertile ground, and they have successfully completed various tasks assigned by the senior management. They have created a model image with their own efforts and made the image of the company shine with their outstanding work. They are all employees of Rmoem (Shanghai) Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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