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MG-MG RX5-10174828 RX5 Rear Brake Disc

Short Description:

Products Application: Saic Mg-Rx5

Products Oem No: 10174828

Org Of Place: Made In China

Brand: Cssot / Rmoem / Org / Copy

Lead Time: Stock, If Less 20 Pcs, Normal One Month

Payment: Tt Deposit

Company Brand: Cssot

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Products Name Rear Brake Disc
Products Application Saic Mg-Rx5
Products Oem No 10174828
Org Of Place Made In China
Brand Cssot / Rmoem / Org / Copy
Lead Time Stock, If Less 20 Pcs, Normal One Month
Payment Tt Deposit
Company Brand Cssot
Application System Chassis System
Diameter 282mm

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The brake disc is definitely used for braking, and its braking force comes from the brake caliper. Generally speaking, the general brake caliper is to fix the part where the inner brake piston pump is located, and the outer side is a caliper-type structure. The inner brake pad is fixed on the piston pump, and the outer brake pad is fixed on the outside of the caliper. The piston pushes the inner brake pad through the pressure from the brake tubing, and at the same time pulls the caliper through the reaction force to make the outer brake pad inward. Both press against the brake disc at the same time, and the braking force is generated by the friction between the brake disc and the inner and outer brake pads. In this process, the piston is pushed by the brake fluid, which is hydraulic oil. This is powered by the engine.

For the hand brake, it is a mechanism that uses a cable to pass a lever structure to forcibly pull the brake pads so that they are pressed against the brake disc, thereby generating a braking force.

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