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MG-550 Rear Brake Disc 10023289

Short Description:

Products application: SAIC MG-550

Products OEM NO: 10023289

Org of place: MADE IN CHINA


Lead time: Stock, if less 20 PCS, normal one month

Payment: TT Deposit

Company Brand: CSSOT

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Products Name Rear Brake Disc
Products Application Saic Mg-550
Products Oem No 10023289
Org Of Place Made In China
Brand Cssot / Rmoem / Org / Copy
Lead Time Stock, If Less 20 Pcs, Normal One Month
Payment Tt Deposit
Company Brand Cssot
Application System Chassis System
Diameter 276mm

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There are disc brakes, drum brakes, and air brakes. Older cars have front and rear drums. Many cars have disc brakes both front and rear. Because disc brakes have better heat dissipation than drum brakes, they are not prone to thermal decay under high-speed braking, so their high-speed braking effect is good. But at low speed cold brakes, the braking effect is not as good as drum brakes. The price is more expensive than the drum brake. Therefore, many mid-to-high-end cars use full-disc brakes, while ordinary cars use front and rear drums, while trucks and buses that require relatively low speeds and require large braking power still use drum brakes.

Drum brakes are sealed and shaped like drums. There are also many brake pots in China. It turns when driving. Two curved or semicircular brake shoes are fixed inside the drum brake. When the brakes are stepped on, the two brake shoes are stretched out under the action of the brake wheel cylinder, supporting the brake shoes to rub against the inner wall of the brake drum to slow down or stop.

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